Take a breather

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A STILL MIND: Focusing on your breathing can be a great stress-buster.

Just concentrating on your breathing can help you feel centred and calm.

You can try this very simple breathing exercise while you are at your desk or if you feel yourself stressed at work or home:

Breathe in slowly through your nose for a count of 7. Make sure you breathe deep down to the diaphragm, expanding your tummy.

Exhale slowly through your mouth to the count of eleven, allowing the muscles to relax as you do so.

Repeat 10 times

A lot of us ‘shallow breathe’ or hold our breath when we are stressed,  anxious or depressed.

This deprives the body and brain of oxygen and can  cause  poor concentration and lethargy. It also sends signals to the brain that your environment isn’t safe and causes the body to release more fight or flight stress hormones.

Concentrating on your breathing can even be a form of meditation; it involves concentrating on the present moment and frees it from worrying or fixating on future or past events.


Taking a moment to focus on you.r breathing can be a great stress buster and calm the mind

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Organic baby products and Organic pregnancy products

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Weleda Pregnancy Oil

I can’t believe nearly 9 months has passed – Oscar’s been out of my tummy nearly as long as he was in it! I’ve lost the 3 stones I put on too – I put that down to breastfeeding, and a baby who not only eats a lot but is giving me a good workout as he’s so large!
Before I got pregnant I started to use organic skincare products. I was very aware that what I put on my skin could make its way into my unborn child which seemed a bit frightening so I started to use mineral makeup and avoided parabans and other nasty chemicals in the products I used.

Weleda Seabuckthorn Body Oil

Weleda Seabuckthorn Body Oil

The few stretchmarks I do have have nearly faded – I used a combination of Weleda Seabuckthorn Body Oil & Weleda Pregnancy Oil, both of which went a long way on my huge stomach – in fact my stomach is stretch-mark free, it’s just my legs which aren’t (which is down to my silly fault of forgetting to use the oil there). Weleda Seabuckthorn Body Oil can also be used as a massage oil and is a great source of Omega 7, Beta Carotene and Vitamin C.

I now use organic baby skincare products on Oscar. So far he’s not really had much nappy rash and I think that’s down to using Weleda Calendula Lotion (£7.50 currently with free postage). The bottle has lasted ages, it smells great and my husband thinks it’s fab (great considering he hardly ever shaves, let alone moisturises!). Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body wash (£9.95 currently with free postage) is also great – it’s nice to use in the bath (for adults as well) and even my sister who has very sensitive skin can use it. Oh and Coutney Cox loves Weleda’s Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash so a celeb endorsement is another reason to give it a try.

Weleda Skin Food - £8.50 with FREE DELIVERY

Weleda Skin Food - £8.50 with FREE DELIVERY

What Emily & I love about Weleda products are their affordability. Compare them to any highstreet brand and they really are great value – for instance Weleda Skin Food is only £8.50 (currently with free delivery) – much cheaper than most popular moisturisers, and they’re all natural so no need to worry about what is going in your body! Oh and did I mention Weleda Skin Food is also a favourite of a selection of celebrities including Erin O’Connor & Rihanna and we know how good their skin is (even if Erin dwarfed me once when I saw her in Covent Garden – sometimes I wish I was a foot taller!)

Green People Mum and Baby Gift Box

Green People Mum and Baby Gift Box

If you know someone who’s having a baby shower, a great gift would be Green People’s Mum and Baby Gift Box (I had some fab baby shower gifts but they were mainly for the baby not me!).

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Products for Oily Skin

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Face tan for oily skin

IT’S not easy finding a product that suits oily skin; often products can be too harsh and strip the skin of all its good oils as well.

Green People do a fantastic face tan which can also double as a moisturiser for oily or blemish-prone skin.

The Organic Young Soft Glow Gradual tan contains prebiotics to support the good bacteria on skin and naturally fight bacteria that can cause spots.

It also contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from rosehip, sunflower and hemp oils help prevent blemishes and scarring and feed the skin some useful nutrients.

As an added bonus, this non-greasy product doesn’t leave a residue on your skin and as a subtle fake tan can lessen redness and even out skin tone.

Weleda produce products containing Iris root, which helps gently balance oils in the skin without drying. We stock Weleda’s Iris Cleansing Lotion, which is good for combination or slightly oily skin.

French Green Clay, also sometimes referred to as Sea Clay, is another fantastic natural product for oily skin.

It is very effective in removing impurities from the skin, refining pores or creating a weekly detoxing face mask for combination skin.

Real French Clay usually contains up to 9 important mineral oxides. It is quite easy to buy face masks or face treatments containing French Clay (we hope to stock some soon). But it is also possible to buy pure French Green Clay over the internet and add a little water to make your own cleansing mask.

You can also add a few essential oils such as lavender and carrier oils to create your own mask. (Essential oils can be powerful, so we’d recommend getting some advice from an aromatherapist first.)

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Free Postage!

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We have decided to offer free postage & packing if you spend over £5 at Natural Boutique. This means for the majority of products it’s totally free postage! We may not offer it for ever so get shopping for your natural skincare products now!

Free Delivery at Natural Boutique

Free Delivery at Natural Boutique

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Fake Tan Tips

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Get rid of dry or flaky skin; your skin will hold its tan for longer and you will get more even coverage.

Exfoliate with a body scrub or exfoliater in the bath or shower or try dry skin brushing:


As well as getting rid of flaky skin, body brushing can help improve its appearance  by increasing blood circulation and flow of lymph around the body. This gets rid of toxins and helps tackle cellulite.

You need a fairly soft-bristled skin brush which you use on dry skin before getting in the bath or shower.

Start from your feet and work up. Then work from your hands to your shoulders, always sweeping towards the heart. This helps the deoxygenated blood return to the heart and draws the lymph to the lymphatic nodes.


To prevent tan streaking and help the tan last longer. Pay particular attention to elbows, knees and ankles. Once you have applied your self tan, moisturising every day helps it last.


If you are using your hands to apply tanning lotion, make sure you wash your hands well afterwards. Or use an old bath sponge, flannel or mitt to prevent ‘tan hands’ and apply a more even coverage.

Many fake tans need to be left on a few hours and then the excess washed off. So if you want a sun-kissed look for a special event, apply a few days in advance, then top it up until you get the depth of tan you want.


Try out Green People’s Self Tan lotion; the first certified organic tan in the UK.

Great if you suffer from sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis or are worried about over-loading your skin with chemical nasties.

But even with a natural tan, still try out a patch test on your first if you have any kind of allergies or skin sensitivities.

Recommended by the beauty director of Harpers Magazine and winner of Best Fake tan at the 2011 Natural Health Beauty Awards, it’s fast-drying and non-streaky.

Another good tan for sensitive, oily or blemish-prone skin is their Organic Young Gradual Face Tan. Provides a light, natural-looking tan with omega 3 & 6 oils and prebiotics to feed the skin. It also doubles as a great moisturiser for oily or problem skin.

Visit our shop for other organic skincare products at http://www.naturalboutique.co.uk/

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Gardenia; perfume’s delicate top note

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Gardenia flower; the flower's delicate scent makes it ideal for perfumes

After being ambivalent about the Royal Wedding, I was one of those who then experienced a complete 180 degree change in attitude.

I watched the entire event live, all the television news highlights for the next 48 hours, read four newspaper’s worth of coverage, yet still wanted more! More cartwheeling priests! More dresses! More surpressed smiles between Will and Kate during the serious bits! More Aston Martins!

Anyway, the last note from us on the wedding goes to Kate’s perfume.

She allegedly wore White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum, which has been flying off shelves worldwide ever since.

It’s a small-produced perfume by British perfumer Michael Boadi and contains top notes of gardenia with ylang ylang, muguet and jasmine.

Gardenia is commonly used in perfumes.

In many cultures the flower symbolises grace, feminity, love and purity.

But interestingingly, the essential oil from the small white Gardenia flowers is used to treat anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, irritability or agitation. In Chinese medicine the flower is known as zhi zi and is used for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, but also is used to cool the blood, clear way heat from the body and generally calm agitatation.

So ideal for wedding day nerves, especially if your wedding involves a prince and an audience of nearly 2 billion!

We have two products containing the delicate scent of Gardenia flowers (which smells similar to jasmine.)

(Please note these products are sold for cosmetic use only; we cannot make any claims for the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils within any of the products we sell.)

Cream of Youth moisturiser, by Naturally Thinking, is a rich, daily face cream which contains  over 1,000 Gardenia flowers in every pot. The nourishing cream is good for plumping the skin and excellent for dry or sagging skin.

It naturally lifts and plumps the skin, making it good for older, dry or sagging skin.

Monoi de Tahiti body butter, also by Naturally Thinking, is also great for normal to dry skin, especially skin that has been exposed to the sun and needs extra moisture.

Monoi de Tahiti is created by adding gardenia flowers to coconut oil, a centuries old method used by the women of Polynesia for their cosmetics. It also contains cocoa and shea butter and anti-oxidant white tea.

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An all-encompassing Valentine’s

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Frankincense and Rose Bath Salts

While we love roses, romance and chocolate; are we alone in thinking Valentine’s a little bit exclusive? And surely someone telling you to be romantic at a specific given time is the least romantic concept in the world? (we suggested you make yourself feel alluring with rose products, not demand you be romantic by the way!)

That’s why I think next year at Natural Boutique we will have an inclusive Valentine’s Day!

A day to show some kindness to yourself. It should be a chance to embrace your eccentricities, bad moods and foibles and kick your feet up with a box of chocolates, or have a long soak in a nice, hot bath.

Give us your thoughts on the matter.

By the way, you still have until the end of today to purchase our rose skincare products at a reduced price!

Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash, Amphora Aromatics Frankincense and Rose Bath Salts, Amphora Aromatics Rose and Pomegranate Face Cream, Amphora Aromatics Rose and Pomegranate shower gel and body lotion (two-for-one deal.)

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We have 3 competitions in Feb – enter them by the end of the month to be in with a chance of winning. Tell your friends!

Help us get to 1000 likes on our Facebook page in order to win a Naturallythinking Rose and Jasmine moisture lotion - anyone who likes our page is in with a chance of winning.

Win a Naturallythinking Rose and Jasmine moisture lotion

Win a Naturallythinking Rose and Jasmine moisture lotion

Natural Boutique’s Facebook page

Follow us on Twitter @natura1boutique for our competition comp & RT our competition tweet to win a Naturallythinking Lavender and Geranium body lotion


win a Naturallythinking Lavender and Geranium body lotion

win a Naturallythinking Lavender and Geranium body lotion

Sign up for our newsletter on www.naturalboutique.co.uk (put your email address into the form on the right) to win a Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash

Win a Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash

Win a Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash

If we have a good response, we may even have extra goodies to give away!

Emily & Lucy x

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A ROSE FOR A ROSE: The flower has long been associated with Aphrodite and love

In preparation for Valentine’s Day; how about creating an aura of allure and sensuality that leaves men bewitched in your trail? Or for those of us who aren’t Nigella Lawson, how about a trying out some sensuous rose oil products?Roses were sacred to Venus and Aphrodite, goddesses of love and romance and throughout the ages these delicate flowers have been associated with love, romance, beauty, innocence and sensuality.Rose oil has been used for its therapeutic benefits in promoting balance and well-being to the mind and body; it’s one of the most skin-beneficial essential oils around and especially good for ageing, tired or dry skin. If you haven’t come across real rose oil, it’s much more pleasant and subtle than its synthetic counterparts used to fragrance many high street products; the difference between Rome and  Slough. That’s partly because it’s notoriously difficult to replicate; natural rose oil contains more than 500 different chemicals. Plus it can take hundreds of blooms to create a few drops of oil, making rose oils one of the most luxurious. So we’ve reduced the price on all our rose products to celebrate all that’s beautiful and blooming (and hopeful; I do want to get a card despite one year ill-advisedly telling my other half I didn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. He took me at my word and I didn’t get anything for the next three years.)  Take your pick from this delicious bouquet of rose products: Amphora Aromatics Frankincense and Rose Bath Salts, Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash, Weleda Wild Rose 30ml Deodorant spray, Amphora Aromatic’s Organic Rose and Pomegranate Showergel (comes with a free Rose and Pomegranate body lotion!) and Amphora Aromatics Organic Rose and Pomegranate Face Cream.

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Last Minute Presents

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NEED A last minute present? It’s not too late to order on-line; our last postage date is this Friday, December 18.

You can create your own pamper pack for anyone you know who needs a little down time.  Try Amphora Aromatic’s Lavender and Chamomile Bath Salts (containing therapeutic sea salt and relaxing essential oils of lavender and chamomile), or Amphora’s calming Frankincense and Rose Bath Salts (both frankincense and rose essential oils are commonly used for soothing and balancing emotions.)

Add a couple of  relaxing lavender candles and one of our ultra-pampering body lotions (from rose and jasmin and rose and pomegranate body lotions to Monoi de Tahiti body butter made from gardenia flowers) and you’ve created your own spa-in-a-box! We’ll even sort out the box! (you can now have your order sent out in an ivory gift box.)

Or if you’re in need of a thoughtful stocking filler, try Naturallythinking’s luxurious lavender nourishing hand cream.

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Gift boxes – perfect for Christmas presents!

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Gift Boxes from Natural Boutique

Gift Boxes from Natural Boutique

We are selling gift boxes – perfect for Christmas presents – buy any of our products and we’ll make up a lovely package perfect for spoiling someone

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Winter-proof your Skin

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THERE are forecasts for a cold winter blowing about, which is enough to make you want to spend the rest of winter curled up by the fire.

But before you do, think about winter-proofing your skin first.

Central heating and fires can make the air in your home quite dry and can have a similar effect on your skin, as can plummeting outdoor temperatures and cold winds.

So here are our top five tips for readying your skin for the festive season:

  1. A bowl of water above a radiator can help raise the humidity in a small room. Plus you can add a couple of drops of lavender oil to create a lovely, relaxing aroma. Humidifiers can bring back healthy moisture levels to the atmosphere for larger areas.
  2. Try to take warm, rather than hot showers. Water that is too hot can exacerbate dry skin and also make your hair feel dry and dull.
  3. Apply natural moisturiser after a shower or cleansing your face to lock existing moisture into your skin. You may find it helpful to change your cleanser or moisturiser from the ones you used during summer if your skin is drier this time of year, ie to a richer organic moisturiser or organic night cream. Weleda’s Skin Food is one of the best all-round balms for any type of dry skin.
  4. Drink more water; if you manage the recommended six to eight glasses, you should notice a difference in your skin. And avoid diuretics such as alcohol, tea, coffee and other drinks containing caffeine.
  5. You may benefit from a nutritional supplement; this time of year it isn’t as easy to get the vitamins and minerals that are more abundant in fresh summer fruit and vegetables. Vitamin C is one ingredient that has scientific backing for skin health. It helps produce collagen, a key part of the structure of the skin and it is also an anti-oxidant; reducing damage cause by free radicals. But you get what you pay for, the cheaper Vitamin C supplements are not always as effective. (Here at Natural Boutique we always recommend going to see a herbalist or nutritionist to get advice on the best supplements for any health concern.)   Oily fish, nuts and certain oils such as olive or hemp seed oil are also great sources of skin-boosting Omega oils.
Weleda After Shave Balm

Weleda After Shave Balm

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The Wisdom of Frankincense and Myrrh

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THE GIFT OF KINGS: Frankincense resin

FRANKINCENSE and Myrrh are two gorgeous, evocative scents; warming and woody smells that are great for chasing away the winter blues.

Both are harvested from the sap of living trees, which hardens into little nuggets of resin that can be burned over charcoal as incense.

The Greeks considered myrrh a sacred substance while frankincense was used as a holy annointing oil in the Christian church.

During Bibilical times they were very highly prized. When the three wise men handed over gifts of frankincense and myrrh, they were bringing priceless medicines, which would have been used to treat everything from skin disorders to viral infections and depression.

Historically frankincense was thought to keep skin youthful and is used in modern cosmetics for its ability to regenerate skin tissue and help relax facial muscles. It is also used in aromatherapy to ground and balance the emotions.

Myrrh was traditionally used in ancient times in perfumes and for treating skin conditions and is still sometimes used in cosmetics and aromatherapy for calming and soothing the skin and for its skin renewing properties.

We sell two products containing both frankincense and myrrh essential oils for those of you looking for some festive gifts;

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Winter Skin and Chewy Eyeballs

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HAVE been tramping the pavements with my daughter, niece and nephew this Halloween (a tiny pumpkin, a toddling spider and a cute witch.)

The streets of my village were decidedly quieter this year - could it be that people think it is unethical to turn up uninvited on people’s front doors and demand sweets? Possibly. I’ll carry on in the name of upholding overly commercial American customs.

We came back to chip butties, baked potatoes and a mind-bending array of chewy snakes and eyeball cakes. And warm winter Pimms for the adults! Lovely.

Anyway, it’s getting cold out there, so make sure you dig out your gloves and scarves and don’t forget your hand cream and face cream. Both can help protect the skin from moisture loss in winter months. Central heating, wind and cold can all dry the skin.

For hands we haveNaturallyThinking’s Carshalton Lavender Nourishing Hand Cream and for faces we have NaturallyThinking’s Frankincense and Myrrh Facial Moisturiser and Amphora Aromatics’s Rose and Pomegranate Face Cream. Both are nourishing, non-greasy moisturisers.

Amphora Aromatics also do a fantastic Vanilla and Pomegranate Lip Balm for chapped or cracked lips.

Another great product for dry winter skin is Weleda’s famous Skin Food.

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Green People

October 14th, 2010 by emily | 1 Comment | Filed in Body care, Green People, Natural boutique, Natural products

MOTHERS, babies, children and those who love 100 per cent natural products can give a cheer now - with our range of multi-award winning Green People products!

Anybody in your family with sensitive skin should now benefit with our extended range of products for children and babies.

Green People baby and mum gift box

Green People baby and mum gift box - great present for new mums!

And not forgetting new mothers – we’ve got Green People mother and baby gift packs, Green People new baby gift packs and Green People mum and baby lavender moisturiser. Hopefully we haven’t left anyone out now!

Green People Baby Care Gift Pack

Green People Baby Care Gift Pack - lovely for new babies

Green People specialise in organic body care products and are one of the biggest names in organic beauty in the UK, winning dozens of awards for their gorgeous products.

They are committed to using gentle, natural and organic ingredients which are fairly traded.

Green People’s skincare products contain more than 90 per cent active organic ingredients (compared to most high street products, which normally have an active ingredient level of less than 6 per cent.)

A typical Green People cleanser will have as its main ingredient organic aloe vera or organic floral waters, followed by organic base oils such as rosehip oil or almond oil. (An average high street cleanser often contains about 70 per cent water, follwed by mineral oils such as petrochemicals.) This means the products are working hard for your skin and you are likely to need to use less than you normally would.

Delicate Skin

Babies’ and children’s skin is much thinner and more absorbent than that of adults and a less effective barrier to chemical toxins. That’s why Green People use only the gentlest natural ingredients in their Green People Organic Babies range.

For babies, children and grown-ups with very sensitive skin, we also now stock Green People’s No Scent Baby Wash and Shampoo.

Green People Unscented Baby Wash - great for sensitive baby skin!

Green People Unscented Baby Wash - great for sensitive baby skin!

(The company uses essential oils in its products for fragrance, which are safe for mums-to-be. The ‘no scent’ range contain only gentle plant extracts instead.)

Skin Detox

In a year, the average woman may absorb up to 2kg of chemcials from the thousands of chemicals in beauty products, most of which is absorbed through the skin.

So when switching to organic skin care products such as Green People, you might experience a ‘skin detox’ as the skin cleanses itself of chemicals. But wait a week or two and you should see a visible difference!

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Is it Natural?

October 6th, 2010 by emily | 1 Comment | Filed in Beauty tips, Body care, Natural boutique, Natural products, natural beauty


WHEN buying natural skincare products; read the small print.
It sounds obvious; but if you want a product containing as few chemicals as possible, always look at the ingredients list.
A product with the word ‘natural’ splashed all over the front of the label is no actual indication that it is natural. Regulations on skincare labelling are far more lax than food labelling.
The same applies to the word ‘organic’. A manufacturer can print organic on the labelling, even if only a tiny percentage of the product is organic.
One of the best brands at being clear about organic content is Amphora Aromatics’s range of rose and pomegranate products.
They have labelled the exact percentage of organic content in their organic Rose and Pomegranate Face Cream and Rose and Pomegranate Body Lotion.
But be warned;  just to confuse the issue further, essential oils have to be listed under their Latin names,  although often the commonly used name is added in brackets afterwards.
Natural skin care products use natural oils and extracts instead of many of the harsh chemicals commonly found in creams, cleansers and other toiletries.
As well as being more similar to the natural structure of our skin and cells, many of the oils often contain other health giving benefits.
Many chemicals frequently found in synthetic skincare products are used primarily because they are cheap and often give the short-term appearance of softening and smoothing the skin. But the long-term implication of accumulating these chemicals in our bodies is anything but rosy.
Many synthetic ingredients can dry and irritate the skin and are linked with more serious health concerns. Some – such as parabens – mimic oestrogen and are linked with fertility problems and even cancer.
As a general rule, a natural moisturiser or cleanser will have some kind of vegetable oil or base oil as its main ingredient, usually sweet almond oil, olive oil, sesame oil, shea butter, cocoa butter or beeswax.
Synthetic products are more likely to use petrolatum or mineral oil as their main ingredient.  Both mineral oil and petrolatum are on our ‘chemical nasties’ list; they are made by refining crude oil and the end result is a product that interferes with the skin’s ability to ‘breathe’.
But more on that later…

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Free delivery at Natural Boutique!

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We’re always keen on getting feedback from our customers and we thought we would bring in free postage. We’ve decided to offer free delivery to anyone who spends over £40 at www.naturalboutique.co.uk so stock up on your favourite products and save!

Remember, all of our packaging is either biodegradable (even down to the ‘document enclosed’ wallets on the outside of Natural Boutique’s parcels), recycled or reused.  If you receive your products in reused packaging, then please recycle it, or even send it back! Natural Boutique will be happy to reuse it again.

Free delivery if you spend over £40 at Natural Boutique

Free delivery if you spend over £40 at Natural Boutiqu

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Competition winner

September 29th, 2010 by emily | No Comments | Filed in Competition time!

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition to win a natural beauty product of their choice.

We have chosen Wendy, one of our Twitter followers, who will be receiving a well-deserved bottle of Weleda Skin Food.

She says:

“I’d love to try Weleda Skin Food. As a mum of five, my beauty regime has been sadly neglected. I have dry skin that is crying out for this product! I’d love to try it and review it! After all…if its good enough for Rihanna, Demi Moore and Peaches Geldof, then its good enough for me!!”

We thought anyone with five children would probably be in need of some pampering!

But after reading your entries, it seems there’s a lot of you out there with small children and sleep-deprived skin. So we’re going to be increasing our range of products for babies, children and new mums. And coming up with some quick natural beauty tips for all those of you who are short on time! Watch this space…


Celebrities love Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food - our customers and celebs both love it!

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Remember to enter our competition to win a beauty product!

September 20th, 2010 by lucy | 1 Comment | Filed in Competition time!

Just comment on this competition post with why you want to win!

You can choose any of the natural products we sell, and if you win we’ll send you that product to review.

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Introducing you to The Golden Afternoon Tea Company

September 20th, 2010 by lucy | No Comments | Filed in Things we love

Birthday afternoon tea by the canal

I have a couple of good friends who have started a lovely company, The Golden Afternoon Tea Company. Whenever I have a little gathering they bring round some of their home made goodies such as cupcakes including vegan ones, lemon tarts and the more unusual lavender biscuits. Also, very kindly, they are going to throw me a mini-baby shower which I’m really looking forward to! I am expecting bunting, afternoon tea (not that I’m a big tea drinker, but I hope they’ll have peppermint on hand!), sandwiches (with crusts cut off) and hopefully some of their homemade cakes. All served in the vintage china which are collected on frequent carboot and jumble sale visits (and of which can be hired out). They have recently successfully catered at weddings, hen parties, birthday parties and lots of local events.

I took some photos of one birthday tea party they did – the cakes were gorgeous and the setting fantastic!


Yummy cake from the Golden Afternoon Tea Company

The are based in South London but travel all over London and the South East. The Golden Afternoon Tea Party blog is well worth a read – they update their site with anything vintage or when they have events.

If you’d like to contact them to cater for you, please email goldenafternoontea@hotmail.co.uk.

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I love Kitty DoLittle!

September 17th, 2010 by lucy | No Comments | Filed in Things we love

I am loving browsing Kitty DoLittle‘s new site – run by my friend Andrea.

Find lovely unique and luxurious British made items from gorgeous hand-crafted jewellery and handmade fashion accessories to the on trend striking Eel skin handbags by BoBelle and Makki. If you are unique in your look and love to stand out with some attitude, pay a visit. You can browse by which Kitty you are – from glamour puss to wild thing. I think I’m a cross between all Flora and Fauna and Artful…

I love the gorgeous printed silky scarves which are printed with unusual designs including interesting 50s illustrations, though the Painterly Flower Scarf (£22) is by far my favourite – I just love the colours and flowing flowery design.

I love this painterly flower scarf designed by Laura Webb

I love this painterly flower scarf designed by Laura Webb

Also the unisex double card holder (£33) is made from recycled firehoses! I wonder where old firehoses normally go?

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Competition time – win a natural beauty product of your choice!

September 15th, 2010 by lucy | 18 Comments | Filed in Competition time!

It’s competition time at Natural Boutique!

What we’d like you to do is comment on this post with the name of a natural beauty product you would like to win from our site and why you’d like to try it, or if you already use it, why you love it so much.

The only thing we ask in return is if you win, you write us a review of the product on our site. We will announce the winner (s) on here, twitter, and facebook.

Competition closes midday Friday 24th September 2010. Good luck! (Please note – UK only)

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Secret Beauty Oil of Polynesia

September 10th, 2010 by emily | No Comments | Filed in Body care, Natural boutique, Natural products, natural beauty
Cream of Youth Moisturiser

Cream of Youth Moisturiser; each pot contains more than 1,000 gardenia flowers.

FOR centuries the women of Polynesia have soaked delicate, white gardenia flowers in coconut oil to make the luxurious and beautiful smelling Monoi de Tahiti oil.

It was used mostly for cosmetic purposes and the women of Tahiti applied it to their hair and skin, but it was also used for a variety of ailments such as headaches and mosquito bites.

Coconut oil alone is rich in minerals and easily absorbed by the skin due to its small molecular structure. It is sometimes used in massage or applied to the hair in Indian head massage to soften and strengthen the hair.

The gardenia (Tiare) flowers added to the coconut oil are also packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants and give Monoi de Tahiti an exotic, floral fragrance, similar to the smell of jasmine.

We’ve found two products by Naturally Thinking which use Monoi de Tahiti.

The first is Cream of Youth Moisturiser, a daily face cream which contains  over 1,000 Gardenia flowers in every pot.

It naturally lifts and plumps the skin, making it good for older, dry or sagging skin.

Monoi de Tahiti can also be found in Naturally Thinking’s body butter where it is combined with cocoa and shea butters plus anti-oxidant white teas.

Monoi de Tahiti body butter is great for normal to dry skin and creates a natural barrier to protect the skin from drying environments such as air conditioning, heating, the sun or wind.

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Skin soothing calendula from Weleda

August 26th, 2010 by emily | No Comments | Filed in Body care, Natural boutique, Natural products
Weleda Calendula Lotion

Weleda Calendula Lotion

There are many soothing oils and extracts used in natural beauty products, but here’s a quick look at calendula, a member of the marigold family which is used in some of Weleda’s baby care products;

This gentle plant has a long history of use for its skin healing properties.
With its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, calendula extract has traditionally been used for tackling all manner of skin complaints.
From soothing sun burnt skin to calming itching, redness, rashes, insect bites or dry skin.
Calendula’s gentleness makes it ideal for the care of babies’ skin, which is thinner and more sensitive than ours.
Weleda’s Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash gently cleanses babies’ skin and hair. While Weleda’s Calendula Lotion can be applied to babies’ skin to replenishes moisture lost after bathing, or even used during nappy changing by applying to cotton wool and using instead of baby wipes.
Weleda’s range of Calendula baby products are also suitable for adults with sensitive or delicate skin.

Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

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A few celebrities who love Weleda products

August 16th, 2010 by lucy | No Comments | Filed in Celebrities Love, Natural boutique, Natural products, Things we love

We love Weleda products but you may not know that lots of celebrities do too, including loads of models and actresses.

Courtney Cox loves Calendula Shampoo & Body WashThis week, Weleda say Courtney Cox uses Weleda Calendula products including Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash on her 6 year old daughter Coco. As well as having Celebrity fans, Weleda’s Baby range has been voted Top Skincare Brand in the midwife-tested TIPS awards (2007 – 2009). It was also ‘highly commended’ in the Best Eczema Range at the 2009 Natural Health and Beauty Awards.We think it’s really important to use chemical-free products on babies so it’s nice to know some famous faces do too!
Weleda Skin Food has a huge list of celebrity fans  including models, makeup artists, actresses and presenters. To name just a few, some of Skin Food’s big fans are Alexa Chung, Brooke Shields, Demi Moore, Erin O’Conner, Helena Christiensen, Peaches Geldof, Rihanna, and Winona Ryder.Weleda’s Skin Food nourishes and hydrates the whole body, perks up lack lustre or under-nourished complexions and protects against harsh weather.Erin O'conner, Rhianna and loads of celebs love Weleda Skin Food
Demi Moore loves Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body WashDemi Moore looks fabulous – we all know she’s had some surgery but maybe it also has something to do with her love of Weleda products including Wild Rose Creamy Body wash and Weleda Skin Food. Weleda Wild Rose body wash contains organic musk rose oil which is rich in nourishing essential fatty acids. It really suits dry or stressed skin and smells fab too. Kate Hudson is a fan of Weleda Deodorants. Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant has a luxurious, feminine scent that maing a great deodorant or body spray. Weleda’s Sage Deodorant is suitable for men as well as women as it has a subtle, woody scent.Importantly, all Weleda Deodorants are free from aluminium salts and parabens – ingredients found in some popular anti-perspirants which have been the focus of much health research lately and which we recommend avoiding.
Kate hudson Loves Weleda Deodorants

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Sea salt bathing

August 8th, 2010 by emily | No Comments | Filed in Beauty tips

BATHING in sea salt is a centuries-old tradition for detoxing and purifying.

Sea salts are high in minerals and trace elements and when added to a bath can help draw toxins out through the lymphatic system and skin.

Hippocrates encouraged his healers to bathe in a mixture of salt and water and many people use salt baths to cleanse their energy at the end of the day.

Today, a whole form of healing and treatments – known as Thalassotherapy – has grown up around the health benefits of sea water and salt water bathing.

Before the spa-achingly trendy Thalassotherapy took hold, the Victorians and Georgians made their mass exodus to the sea.

A paper published in 1753, entitled ‘The Uses of Sea Water’, suggested it was beneficial for all kinds of disorders. The idea took on and hoards of Victorians and Georgians packed starchy, woollen bathing suits and flocked to the coast for the medicinal benefits of sea water.

The breath-shattering coldness of our summer seas should also boost your circulation. (But that’s about the only benefit of cold sea I can think of! The North Sea is nice, but I would rather be lounging in the warm waters of Cornwall or the Mediterranean.)

A warm salt bath can also help ease tired or tense muscles and encourage sleep and is even though to calm an over-wrought nervous system.

Salt baths should be used with caution with people suffering high blood pressure and as with any detoxing process; make sure you drink a glass of water afterwards to help replace lost fluids and continue flushing out toxins.

Try out our range of bath salts; Amphora Aromatics Lavender and Chamomile Bath Crystals or Amphora Aromatics Frankincense and Rose Bath Crystals.

Relax with Amphora Aromatics Lavender and Chamomile Bath Crystals

Relax with Amphora Aromatics Lavender and Chamomile Bath Crystals

Relax with Amphora Aromatics Frankincense and Rose Bath Salts

Relax with Amphora Aromatics Frankincense and Rose Bath Salts

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A natural pregnancy – avoiding stretchmarks

August 6th, 2010 by lucy | No Comments | Filed in natural beauty

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant which I think is about 6 1/2  months – it’s always hard to work it out but I have around 12 weeks left. Since even before I got pregnant, I was aware of avoiding certain products such as harmful deodorants or products containing certain chemicals and as soon as I became pregnant I’d say around 95% of my skincare and haircare are natural, and some organic. I really don’t want chemicals in me and I’m sure my unborn baby (nicknamed Pumpkin) doesn’t either and natural skincare seems the solution.

I have switched to natural cleaning products, use mineral makeup (which I love),  Weleda Rose deodorant, Tigi Love Peace and the Planet shampoo and Tigi conditioner and rub Weleda Seabuckthorn Body Oil on my tummy to try to avoid stretchmarks. Even though the Weleda oil isn’t sold as being for pregnancy, it really is wonderful and as well as smelling gorgeous, rubs in to my skin really easily and doesn’t rub onto clothes – I really recommend it to any of you who are pregnant or even after pregnancy as you can get stretchmarks when your skin starts springing back to its old self. So far (fingers crossed) I’ve had no stretch marks, though as generally it’s inherited maybe I will get some soon!

Weleda Seabuckthorn Body Oil - perfect for rubbing in a pregnant belly

Weleda Seabuckthorn Body Oil - perfect for rubbing in a pregnant belly

Remember to visit www.naturalboutique.co.uk for all of the natural skincare and haircare products mentioned here.

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Introductory offer – save 10% off all our products!

August 2nd, 2010 by lucy | No Comments | Filed in Special offers

As a way of introducing our site, we’d like to offer you 10% off all our products including the Weleda and Tigi ranges we stock.
Just use promotional code SAVE10 at the checkout and we’ll knock 10% off your total (excluding postage).

Please spread the word by telling your friends & family!

10% off Weleda products until the end of August

10% off Weleda products until the end of August

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Modern life – the importance of taking time out

August 1st, 2010 by emily | 1 Comment | Filed in Natural boutique

Last night I shoved a heap of ironing into extra large Morrison’s bags,  threw them into a large cupboard (it’s not the first time, which is why I had to put my shoulder to the door to close it), picked a path through the toys on the living room floor and STILL didn’t manage to find time to do what I wanted to do - have an early night and read a couple of chapters of my book.

And this is after years as a holistic therapist telling people how important it is to take care of their own well-being.

But – for the sake of being a hypocrite – I will make the point again and tell you all that the more busy, stressed and chaotic your life, the more important it is you make some time for yourself.

And if you need an alibi for lying in the bath with a bar of chocolate in one hand and a scurrilous magazine in the other, then here it is;

Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School is a scientist who has dedicated his life to bringing mindfulness to mainstream medicine. He says neglecting our own needs diminishes our sense of self and can affect self-esteem.  The longer the list of demands on our time, the more we tend to prioritise everything but ourselves.

He says we can give ourselves the impression of slowing down time by making more of simple moments that are nurturing and fulfilling. Making time for ourselves reinforces the idea that we are in control of our lives because we are reminding  ourselves that we matter.

Lovely. I will raise a very large glass of wine to that!

(For those who want to find out more about Jon Kabat-Zinn, he has written a number of books on topics such as meditation and inner peace.)

Let us know here any ideas you have for relaxing, switching-off or pampering. We’ll find a prize of some of Natural Boutique‘s finest, chemical-free pampering products for the best suggestions.

And while you are at it; check out our array of natural bath salts containing such lovely, relaxing oils as lavender, chamomile, frankincense and rose:

Amphora Aromatics Frankincense and Rose Bath Salts

Amphora Aromatics Frankincense and Rose Bath Salts

Amphora Aromatics Lavender and Chamomile Bath Crystals

Amphora Aromatics Lavender and Chamomile Bath Crystals

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FIVE MINUTE PAMPERING: How to massage your hands

July 29th, 2010 by emily | 3 Comments | Filed in Beauty tips

Here at Natural Boutique we’ll be posting a series of guides to giving your well-being a boost with some five minute relaxation ideas.
Massage is fantastic for the hands; it boosts the circulation (especially good in winter for cold fingers), keeps joints supple and can ease symptoms of arthritis by increasing synovial fluid to the joints. Massaging your hands can also improve skin tone and elasticity.

To begin with you need a moisturiser or hand cream. Try our Naturally Thinking Carshalton Lavender Nourishing Hand Cream, or Amphora Aromatics Rose and Pomegranate Body Lotion.

Naturallythinking Carshalton Lavender Nourishing Hand Cream

Naturallythinking Carshalton Lavender Nourishing Hand Cream

Amphora Aromatics Rose and Pomegranate Body Lotion

Amphora Aromatics Rose and Pomegranate Body Lotion

1. Put a small amount on the palm of your hand. Roughly the equivalent of a 5p (you can always add more if it’s not enough) and rub all over your hands.

2. Using your thumb, sweep over your palm and circle at the base of your fingers.

3. Turn your hand over and run your thumb between the bones on the back of the hand (metacarpal bones), towards your wrist.

4. Grab your index finger and gently pull from the base of this finger to the nail, slightly twisting your hand as you do. (Just use very gentle pressure.) Repeat for rest of fingers.

5. Gently squeeze all your finger joints.

6. Place one palm on top of the other, fingers interlacing. Using a very light movement sweep your upper palm across your lower palm, as if you were stroking your hand. (This is soothing to the nervous system.)

7. Repeat on other hand.

If you do this every time you apply your hand moisturiser, your hands should receive the TLC they deserve!

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